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My horse has a brand/tattoo can you tell me who's it is?

This is probably our most frequently asked question and one we honestly wish we could be of more help on. The NQHR does not have an extensive directory of brand or tattoo ownership available to them. We record any brands or tattoo's and the location on our applicant horses but we do not have any record on ownership of the brand or tattoo.


For brands the best option is to contact the county in which the owner of the brand lived in for their records.

Every brand must be licensed in the county of their residence in order for the brand to be use able.  

For lip tattoo's you wil have the best luck using a blacklight to cleary read the numbers and then contact the Jockey Club. They do require every horse that races to have a lip tattoo and keep a list of them all (95% of lip tattoo's are on race horses).