National Quarter Horse Registry ~ Since 1956

What makes N.Q.H.R. different? What is the difference between am Association, and a Registry.

An association is run by an elected board of directors. Those directors make all the decisions for the association whether they are something that the members agree with or benefit from or not.

The N.Q.H.R. is a registry for the people by the people. We do not have a panel of shareholders making the decisions for the registry. NQHR members are the ones who have the power. Each change is proposed to the members who get to vote whether they approve of the change or not.

Another difference is the N.Q.H.R. does not flood its members and clientele with advertising and propaganda. You will not receive ten pages of sales pitches along with your certificate, and you will never have pop ups and overwelming advertisements on our website.

We believe in being hard working like the breed we represent, and try to keep all aspects of the registry clean and simple.

So what is the downside? Well we believe the only downside is that we do not register hundreds of horses every day (were not in it for the money) the way the associations who spend thousands on advertising do.

The N.Q.H.R. depends on word of mouth references and in return provides a faster more personalized experience.