National Quarter Horse Registry ~ Since 1956

How do I begin (registration)?

The best place to start would be to research any information you do not know. The more information you can provide us the more valuable you're certificate will be! 

The second step is to take four full body photographs that will be submitted along with your application.

If your horse has any scars or white markings in harder to see areas such as the chin or under the belly it would be wise to also take photos of those as well.

If your horse has NO white markings please include photos and locations of any scars or swirls that may help identify your horse as an individual. 

If you are mailing in an application we suggest you print the photos on high quality photo paper. We do accept images printed on standard printer paper but they will not turn out as clear on your certificate. If you are planning to submit an online application you will want to also scan a copy of your bill of sale and any breeding reports or other verifications so they will be ready to upload along with your full body pictures.

Next you will want to print or open an online application, and fill in as much information as you know. If you do not know something enter N/A we will contact you if something vital is missing. 


For information on the processing fees please see the fee schedule on our forms page.