National Quarter Horse Registry ~ Since 1956

Do you allow Appaloosa's?

N.Q.H.R.'s stand on cross breeding is remembering where the quarter horse came from. The quarter horse type came from a mixture of Spanish and colonial stock horses. If you care to look back at the founding of the quarter horse long before the name and status as a breed you would see horses of unknown pedigree's being bred for their ability to perform a job. Generally in the case of the "bulldog or steeldust horses" as the quarter horses were first known it was to pull the plow thus the heavy chest and neck, or out think a herd of rangy cows thus the heavy hind quarters for better spinning and stopping.

Horses of any breed that have the desired TYPE can be useful to furthering the genetic pool of the quarter horse. While the Appaloosa horse generally has exactly the conformation and type we are looking for they do also have the distinct mottled skin.

The N.Q.H.R. does accept and allow offspring of Appaloosa horses that have the correct conformation to be allowed into the Quarter type section where they may be bred to fullblooded quarter horse stock and throw offspring that no longer display the mottled skin effect but preserving the amazing necks and powerful hindquarters both breeds share. 

The NQHR is a registry with one purpose and that is to recognize the quarter horse as it was originally meant to be in type without sacrificing conformation, temperament or usability. Our purpose is to protect the foundation bloodlines which the breed was based on as well as to introduce appropriate new bloodlines which will sustain the breed and avoid the debilitating and often deadly diseases that are cropping up from the inbreeding of foundation horses. The NQHR does not accept "any horse" that remotely represents quarter horses just to make a profit. The NQHR requires a strict evaluation of all non-pedigreed horses applying for quarter "type" status. Only horses with desired type and conformation will be accepted for registration as future breeding stock.

The NQHR uses a system of separated sections to integrate new bloodlines into the full blooded stock.