National Quarter Horse Registry ~ Since 1956

How much will my horse cost to register?

The registration fee depends on two things. First the age of your horse we offer lower fees for foals and older horses. Second what type of certificate you desire.

Printable: Upon completion of processing you will be emailed a password protected file with a printable version of the certificate which you may print yourself. (Available within 24-48 hours)

Traditional: N.Q.H.R. prints your certificate for you on high quality glossy paper and mails it to you. (Takes 2-4 weeks to receive varies on postal service in your area)

You can use the table below to get an idea of the rate that fits your horse.

Registration Fees Printable * Traditional **  
0-11 months $30.00 $50.00  
1-3 years $80.00 $100.00  
4-15 years $180.00 $200.00  
16+ years $30.00 $50.00  
Dual Registration (any age) $20.00 $40.00  
Registration of Ownership[(any age) $20.00 $30.00  
Additional Fees      
Pedigree Research $20.00 Quarter Horse, Paint, and Jockey Club lines
Laminated Pedigree Certificate $25.00 (Includes basic research if  needed)
Color Estimate $10.00 Pedigree and pictures of horse and parents required
Rush $30.00 2-4 Days  
Overseas Shipping $5.00 Only required for printed certificates not online ones
Lease Filing $20.00    
Duplicates/Replacements $10.00 Per Item  
Name Change $20.00 Per Horse or person  
Transfer $10.00 Per Owner  
Stallion Report                $20.00 $25.00 Before Dec 1st of breeding year
Stallion Report Late $30.00 $35.00 After Dec. 1st of breeding year
Lifetime Stallion Listing              $200.00 Includes all reports (Online  only-Requires membership)
Additional Mare(s) on report        Included $5.00 Includes copy for mare owners
Membership (Online Only)      
Annual  $25.00 Youth, Adult, Married 12 month membership term
Annual Renewal $20.00    
Three Year $65.00 Youth, Adult, Married 36 month membership term
Three Year Renewal $55.00    
Life $300.00 For the life of original applicant non-transferrable
 Prices effective:  1/1/2014          Subject to change without notice