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Genetic Formula: Caused by a combination of other factors and modifiers, not yet a scientifically discernable gene.

Brown is not a genetic color see BAY or SOOTY for further explanation.

Preliminary testing by a laboratory in France indicates that the "Wild" variant of AGOUTI (A+) rather than Pangare may be the agent causing the Seal Brown pattern. Apparently, all Seal Browns so far have tested positive for Agouti.

The foal pictured above is genetically a Red base + Sooty 

Below is silver dapple factor modifying a black base

Red + creme = Palomino + Sooty factor. Often called chocolate Palomino. Silver Dapple factor can also cause this look. 

Black + Agouti = Bay + Sooty Factor Commonly called a seal brown. 


To read more technical color descriptions please visit UC Davis