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Genetic Formula: ee, aa, CC, dd, gg, ww, toto

Description: Red horses come in many shades and names such as Chestnut (generally a reference to the darker red horses), and Sorrel (generally a reference to a light or medium colored red horse). The body of a red horse can vary from liver, and deep cherry to cinnamon. Red horses do not have darker markings on there points (legs and ears) but may have a darker red counter-shading stripe. A red horses mane and tail may be darker, or lighter such as in the flaxen chestnut. 


Red is Recessive

A horse must inherit the "e" gene from both parents to be red.


Markings* on Red Base  

 Tobiano (paint)   

Paint/Pinto markings

Blanket (Appy) 

Appaloosa Markings

Roaniing ( commonly called coon tail, not to be confused with Roan)  

Roan Markings

Dilutes/Modifiers* on Red Base

 Red + Champagne (Amber)

Red+ Champagne

Red + Double Creme (Cremello) 

Red + Double creme (Cremmello)

Red + Dun (Red Dun) 

Red + Dun (Red Dun)

Red + Single Creme (Palomino) 

Red + single Creme

Red + Sooty  (Liver Chestnut) 

Red + Sooty

Foal Coat SHADES*



*There are many, many more varieties


To read more technical color descriptions please visit UC Davis