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Description:  ROAN horses have otherwise solid colored bodies with white hairs intermingled. The white does not form into spots, but are single hairs mixed in with the colored ones. Mane, tail, head, and legs are  darker because the white roan pattern does not affect them. Roans have dark skin and dark eyes.



Black +Roan (Blue Roan)

Bay Roan     

Bay + Roan (Bay Roan) 

 Bay + Dun + Roan

Bay + Roan + Dun


Red + Roan



Description: Roaning unlike the Roan factor does not cover the entire body it generally is only seen on the tail head, flanks, and/or, ribs.


Roaning on tail head only (Commonly called coons tail or Rabicano)



To read more technical color descriptions please visit UC Davis