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RED DUN Genetic Formula: ee, CC, D, gg, ww, toto

Dilutes Base Body Colors Not Points


Dun body coloring is generally a gold or burnt red color with brown pointsdorsal stripeand leg barring. Duns have dark skin and dark eyes. They are the result of the Dun dilution on Bay


Red Dun body color ranges from peach to red, usually with a darker red mane, tail,pointsdorsal stripe and leg barring. Red Duns are the result of the Dun dilution on a RedBase. Typical Dun factor markings are also present.


Grullo color varys from ash and mouse to slate gray with gray to black points and a blackdorsal stripe. Typical Dun factor markings are also present. GRULLO is the result of the dun factor diluting a black base.


Typical Dun characteristics include:

Dorsal Stripe: a stripe running down the center the the back varying from reddish to black
Leg Barring: reddish to black stripes on the legs generally at the knee and above
Spider Webbing: Color "running" off from a face mask.

Face Masks: A darker coloration generally up the front of the face and forehead.

Ear tips, edging, or Bars: Ear tips may be a darker color and cover the tip of the ear or
Edging will outline the edge of the ear
Bars on the ear are also the darker color and run horizontal on the outside of the ear

Shoulder Shadowing or Transverse Stripes: shade or run away from the center of the back.   


White Markings* on Dun Factor Horses  

Red Dun /Blanket (Appy)

Blanket on back (Appy) on red dun

  Dilutes/Modifiers/Sooty* on Dun Factor Horses

Red + Dun + Creme (Dunalino)

Palomino + Dun factor (Sometimes called dunalino)

 Foal Coat SHADES*


Dun Foal


Grulla foal

Grullo Colt (The yellow will shed to mouse colored) 

Red Dun foal

*There are many, many more varieties


To read more technical color descriptions please visit UC Davis