National Quarter Horse Registry ~ Since 1956


BRINDLE  horses wear a form of camouflage, probably a throw back to the stripes and shading used by wild horses long ago and zebras today to blend in with their background. This factor is not at this time recognized by the N.Q.H.R. as a separate color, but instead as a reorganizing pattern.                                         


Salsa (above and left) was bred to   

"Reckless Dan" 1997 AQHA Stallion  

and "Dunbar Gold" 1996 AQHA Stallion   

Resulting in 2 non brindled colts 2003-2004


"Salsa" As Weanling (photo by Doug Fischer, Yearling (photo by Tina Derheim), and 2 year old (Photo by Wendy Ross).



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